Mentors Code of Honor

EDII Mentor’s Code of Honor

As a Mentor, I shall explicitly abide by a Mentor’s Code of Honor as below:

  1. Operate at all times within limits of my own professional competence and establish that I have appropriate sector knowledge and technical experience relevant to the mentee prior to committing to an ongoing program of support.
  2. Refer my mentee to another mentor for issues or questions for which I feel unqualified
  3. Pay due regard to the interests of their mentees and undertake mentoring activity with due skill, care and diligence.
  4. Ensure that all communications are clear, fair, truthful and never misleading and not make untrue or misleading statements (for example, concerning qualifications, competence levels, outcomes from the coaching or mentoring process, etc.)
  5. Seek to create the right environment for the coaching / mentoring to take place
  6. Make clear my advisory role as a mentor in terms of advising on options on challenges arising in business, point out risks and gaps in business strategy, suggest ideas or innovations, etc.
  7. Connect my mentees to other relevant business contacts and enable effective use of networking
  8. Conduct mentoring in a professional manner and will not engage in practices which would be damaging to the business mentor market or the clients of it.
  9. Not take advantage of clients in any manner (e.g. commercial, financial, sexual, etc) and maintain a high standard of personal and professional conduct with my mentee
  10. Avoid any conflicts of interest and deal with real and potential conflicts of interest openly and honestly
  11. Maintain strict levels of confidentiality with all client information, unless required by law to disclose certain information
  12. Maintain, store, and dispose of any records created or shared during mentoring in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security, and privacy of the mentee and his/her business
  13. Never use any idea, product or material that a mentee has, or may develop, to further my business or financial interests
  14. Encourage my mentee to maintain the highest ethical standards and compliance with any relevant laws and regulations