Rapid, sustainable and inclusive growth of MSM enterprises and innovation by youth and adults across Tamil Nadu through effective entrepreneur competency development, partnerships, business network development, advocacy, training, communication, innovation promotion and business facilitation services, leading to job growth and economic development.

Core Values

Entrepreneurship, Integrity, Objectivity, Timeliness, Teamwork, Excellence, Leadership, Innovation and Quality Consciousness


The Strategic Plan hopes to achieve by 2021:

1. Train 50,000 new entrepreneurs & network them

2. 19 State, 2 Central Universities, Deemed Universities, Government and aided Institutions of higher learning create vibrant hubs for startups and business innovation

3. Create a vibrant entrepreneurial climate in 1000 colleges, polytechnics, ITIs with functioning IEDCs, E-clubs

4. Support establishment of 10 world class technology incubators in thrust sectors with focus on manufacturing

5. Support establishment of Business Incubators in 100 colleges & research institutions.

6. Encourage, facilitate and support emergence of 5000 technology startups in Tamil Nadu in manufacturing


1. Spread aspirational entrepreneurship & innovation culture in Tamil Nadu

2. Build enterpreneurial competencies of aspiring youth and entrepreneurs, including those from disadvantaged sections of society

3. Enhancement of the support ecosystem for entrepreneurs, including technology startups

4. Reduction in risk of enterprise and innovation failures

5. Embedding entrepreneurship education in the formal education system

6. Research, surveys and publications on entrepreneurship and innovation

7. Vibrant partnerships with all Government and non-Government players in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, including policy advocacy Entrepreneurship